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In order to keep up our dealers "Inter - Technology" Ltd. we do the following : - provide samples of our products We make available our samples to give the possibility of appreciating the quality of our products. That's why it is very comfortable to cooperate with us. - give all documents concerning the technological process Competent technologists are ready to advise on any question You are interested in or to solve problems connected with the food processing or to work out new recipes by Your order or to calculate the product cost price or to formulate a technological process. - provide normative documentation "Inter - Technology" Ltd. worked out & coordinated with the organs of State Medical Inspection Service of St. Petersburg new technical conditions (TC) on different kinds of meat products. All these TC are also given without pay. - conduct lectures by Your order Consulting specialists can organize seminars in different regions of our country, they can help to find the most appropriate functional & flavour additives for different meat products. They are ready to offer optimal decisions to reduce the cost price of the products. Regularly, our company carries out seminars together with St. Petersburg University of Refrigeration & Food Engineering. We are on business terms with the leading specialists of Russian Scientific Research Institute too. You pay only for goods. All the rest is our business.